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Welcome to our Pet Care, News & Resource Center!  Here you will find important pet care tips, clinic news, and links to specialists, emergency care, poison control, adoption/humane groups, and other great resources.  If you need other referrals or recommendations (for groomers, rescue groups, kennels, etc), please give us a call and we will be glad to help!  Also check out & like our Facebook page for more FFAC news, information, and holiday/weather office closings!

Pet Care Tips and News




The Holidays and winter season are upon us! Make sure you take steps to keep your pets safe around visitors and guests, and away from all those delicious foods and shiny decorations that may be hazardous to their health! Also make sure you keep your pets protected from the cold weather.  We also strongly recommend you have a pet emergency kit always ready with enough food and medications on hand for your pet in case we get “the big one” … or any other inclement weather.

“Disease prevention is as critical a part of today’s veterinary practice as is the treatment of illness.” ~Dr. Bonnie Beaver, past AVMA president.

0-1New Service! Acupuncture/Acupressure: Ferry Farm Animal Clinic is proud to introduce Dr. Lindsy Brockman, who in addition to general veterinary care specializes in dermatology, neurology, and traditional Japanese acupuncture to aid in the control of chronic pain.

FDA Warning: don’t give your dogs bone treats! The vets and staff at Ferry Farm Animal Clinic have always cautioned our patients about the risks of giving their dogs these and other unsafe treats. After numerous reports of pet illnesses or deaths from dogs eating bone treats, the FDA is taking action to warn pet owners about the dangers.  Read the full FDA Consumer Warning here: “No Bones (or Bone Treats) About It: Reasons Not to Give Your Dog Bones” 

Over The Counter (OTC) Pain Medicine and Our Pets:  Not all pain relievers are created equal. While it is true that buffered aspirin can be used as an OTC pain reliever in dogs and in specific feline heart patients, the doses must be carefully regulated – please consult with us regarding safe doses.  Other common OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil), Naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), and acetaminophen (Tylenol) should NEVER be given to dogs or cats as they can cause kidney failure, serious gastrointestinal bleeding, liver toxicity, and are potentially lethal (especially for cats).  We do have prescription pain medications that are specifically formulated and generally safe for your pets for pain management and conditions that require it. 

Ultrasound and Therapeutic Class IV Laser Equipment:  We at Ferry Farm Animal Clinic take pride in our state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment.  Our digital ultrasound machine provides much more detailed images for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, and laser therapy helps speed healing of acute injuries and helps in the treatment and management of long term problems like osteoarthritis.  Read more on the services page.


Links & Resources

There are so many resources on pet ownership available – we can’t list all of them here!  If you are thinking of adopting an animal, we encourage you to talk to us first about what is involved with it’s care and the joys, costs, and challenges of pet ownership (especially puppies!). Also please contact us if you need a specific referral or additional resources not listed. Please note: the  links and resources provided below are for your convenience – Ferry Farm Animal Hospital neither endorses, nor is responsible for content, privacy policies, or other information provided on these websites. Clicking on the links will open a new browser window – please set your browser to allow popups for this purpose. To return to the FFAC website, simply click on the “x” to close the new browser window or click on the tab.

Emergency, Surgical and Specialty Care:

General Pet Care Information & Other Resources:

Pet Adoption/Lost Pets/Shelters/Pet & Breed Information:

  • SPCA of Fredericksburg:  No kill shelter, pet adoption, foster, donate, volunteer, rescue groups, and pet ownership/new pet care resources in Fredericksburg
  • SPCA of Stafford: No kill shelter, pet adoption, donate, volunteer, lost and found animal reports, pet resources in Stafford
  • American Kennel Club Dog Breed Selector: asks a series of questions about your lifestyle (where you live, if you have kids, other dogs, what your noise tolerance is, etc.) to help you select a compatible dog
  • Vet Street Pet Selection Assistant Tool:  What breed of dog or cat is right for you? Let’s you rate what’s important to you in a dog or cat breed based on your lifestyle needs (size, shedding, socialization, etc.)